The Key to Health and Wellness

We can all probably agree that eating healthy foods and exercise is key for health and wellness.

If we know that fitness and nutrition are the answer to living a healthy life, then why isn’t everyone lean and healthy?

Instead, fitness and nutrition usually get put on the back burner until we are hit in the face with a wake up call:

Jeans don’t fit anymore so have to go up a size.

Can’t take the stairs without getting out of breathpoor results at the doctor visit (high blood sugar, blood pressure or cholesterol).

In the past 20 years of working with hundreds of people from recreational and competitive gymnasts to adults wanting to get in shape, I have found the answer to be accountability.

We are usually ok letting ourselves down. But when someone is counting on us, expecting us to show up- we don’t want to disappoint.

I have been a coach since I was 15 years old and I still do better with a coach myself!

When we are only accountable to ourselves, we can justify why we fell off our “diet” or had to skip the gym today. We promise ourselves that we will get back on track tomorrow or start fresh next week.

But maybe our brains are computing all the times that we let ourselves down as failures. So over time we feel like our efforts resulted in failure and we lose the desire to even try.

I am 100% more dedicated to any nutrition or workout plan when I have a coach to report to. I don’t want to disappoint them! I enjoy the feedback and guidance!

It’s totally ok to rely on coaches to hold us accountable when we are working to develop healthy nutrition and fitness habits!

Heck, it’s even ok to rely on coaches when you have solid good nutrition and fitness habits and just want to take it to the next level!

Who else can help you with accountability?

The truth is that no matter how hard your coaches, friends and family work to help keep you accountable, it is ultimately up to you to make choices that move you toward your goals.

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