It’s fun to hit up high intensity workouts day after day. And in the beginning you will see progress. A good training program should be balanced with strength days, active recovery days, tempo training and more. 

Any training session that is intense enough to cause muscle damage will cause an inflammatory response. Inflammation can slow down protein synthesis. 

We get fitter and stronger when adaptation occurs. The actual workout does not make us stronger. The workout is the stressor. A professional coach will provide the appropriate “stressor” (workout) for you. Then it is your job to maximize your recovery from that workout so that adaptation occurs (strength gain, cardiovascular improvement, etc.) 

Translation: Muscles do not become stronger during exercise (even though you have the post workout pump look!) Muscles adapt and become stronger during rest.

Here are some tips to reduce inflammation after workouts to maximize your recovery before the next workout: 

Stay hydrated with water and avoid alcohol. Yes, we know a drink or two is fun, but it really messes with your metabolism and hormones. So if you are serious about your workouts, you’ll ditch the alcohol. Alcohol can increase a stress hormone called cortisol, which is known to decrease testosterone synthesis. Alcohol may increase the conversion of testosterone to estrogen in the body. So decreased testerone, increased estrogen and increased cortisol. Excess cortisol can cause our bodies to store fat. 

Increase your intake of fruits and veggies that contain vitamin C. Bell peppers, citrus, strawberries, blueberries, green leafy veggies. 

Eat lean protein and veggies at each meal. Supplement with a good quality protein after your workout. Specifically the amino acid Leucine has been found to decrease the inflammatory response (halt muscle break down and assist in the rebuilding process). Leucine is found in whey protein. Tomorrow we will post our favorite post workout super shake! 

Sleep 7-9 hours each night. Growth hormone is secreted in the first few hours of sleep. So this is when the muscles can really rebuild. Cortisol also drops when we sleep (remember elevated cortisol can promote fat storage? So we need a good night’s sleep to allow this hormone to drop). 

There you have it! 

  1. Follow a balanced workout program preferably customized specifically for you created by a private coach. 
  2. Focus on recovery like it’s your job! 
  3. Avoid alcohol, drink water, eat protein, fruits and veggies, and sleep like a baby! 

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