Reciprocal Inhibition

Most people don’t have balanced, strong muscles. Why?

Lack of exercise! Or possibly even an imbalanced exercise program.

Strong muscles keep your body upright and of course allow you to move. You need strong muscles to maintain proper posture and minimize muscle tension.

Think of your muscles as wires that hold up a television antenna. If the wires are equally strong on all sides (equal tension), the antenna will stand up straight. If one of the wires becomes weak, loose or breaks, the antenna will lean to or collapse. The muscles on all sides of your spine work in the same way. Good posture (being able to stand straight and tall with ease) is directly correlated to the strength of the muscles around the spine.

Muscles adapt (change by getting stronger or weaker) in response to the demands placed on them. Sit all day and the muscle is not challenged so it becomes weaker. If you use muscles throughout the day, they will become stronger.

Have you ever heard of the term “reciprocal inhibition”? This means shutting down the opposite side. For every muscle there is an opposing muscle that moves the body in the opposite direction. So when the body contracts one muscle group, the opposing group relaxes. This prevents muscles from working against each other.

So let’s say that only one group of muscles is being used regularly, then the opposing muscles are prone to atrophy (the physiological process of reabsorption and breakdown of tissues- wasting away of muscles).

We see this in people who sit at a desk all day. The same chest and upper back muscles are used all day while in that chair. Muscles in the mid back are not used and become weaker over time resulting poor posture and muscle spasms.

What can you do to prevent this?

Exercises to strengthen the mid back and core muscles! Our private coaches develop individualized plans to improve strength, balance and posture as well as get you out of pain.

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